Why printing your pictures is completely worth the effort — and affordable

No matter how "digital" we get,  there is something about holding an image you took in your hands that really makes you appreciate it more. If there is one thing that I preach to all of my clients, it is the need for printing your photos as either individual images or in an album. And this isn't just about wedding photos! I follow my own advice and always print out the images of family & friends or even landscape pictures that I take on a day to day basis.

In an age where we can take an infinite amount of pictures using our cameras, phones, tablets, etc., it is important that we don’t lose those moments that we hold close to us. Phones and digital technology can feel permanent, and a lot of people intend to "get around" to printing their photos, but it often never happens. (I was guilty of this for years.) The problem is, if a photo isn't backed up properly, or image files get lost or accidentally deleted, then you lose that memory forever.

There are literally hundreds of different services available to print out your images, with pricing ranging from $0.10 to $0.30 per image. The cost can add up, but the pain and frustration of losing a photo file can be worse than the small amount of money it takes to pay for the print.

A service I take advantage of is by a company called Photo Affections. Each month, you are able to print up to 85 4x6 pictures for just the shipping fee of $9.99 (for those of you playing the math game, this comes out to be around $0.11 per picture). The quality of the pictures is perfect to display in frames at home or on your desk at work, or to just file away to be looked at on a rainy day with your family.

To check out the service and set up an account (you can even link your Amazon.com account for easy payment and shipping) go to: http://www.photoaffections.com/freeprints

(And no, Photo Affections isn't paying me for this endorsement. If only! It really is just a great service.)