Ditch those disposable cameras — Upgrade to selfie sticks!

Recently, I worked a wedding that did something rather unique. Every table was given a selfie stick and a card with instructions. Guests at the wedding were encouraged to use them throughout the night, and to share the images via social media using the couple's hashtag (See: How to hashtag your wedding). 

I have to admit, when I first saw this, I was a little put off by the idea. Once guests started filtering into the room, you saw a plethora of cell phones go up in the air and selfie mania begin. But as I began seeing people use the camera, it made me think of the huge benefits these selfie sticks would add to the couple's wedding.  

First off, tables with guests who were strangers didn't remain so for long. They engaged with each other and were laughing and taking pictures.         

Secondly, the couple was going to get the behind-the-scenes pictures of their wedding that used to be only accomplished by leaving disposable cameras at each table. The disposable cameras were cheap, and the images hardly ever turned out well. Using a selfie stick, they're getting fairly high-resolution pictures that are easily shared with the couple and everyone at the wedding. 

There are a wide variety of selfie sticks out on the market now; some require you to use your self-timer function in your iPhone/Android, and others allow you to plug in a small cable and press a button to capture the images. The latter is the most convenient option, and it allows almost everyone to intuitively know how to use it.  

Based on some reviews, a good $10 option is the Selfie Stick Ipow ( Like this one - Click Here )  

There are dozens of other options available — check them out and see what works for you, your guests, and most importantly your budget. After the wedding is done, check out all of your images and maybe even get some printed (Why you should be printing and how to get free prints - Click Here)