Tis the season… for engagements!

Last weekend I was in Love Park, preparing for an engagement session (check back later for those images, you don’t want to miss them!), and I thought to myself, “I’d better keep an eye on that Love Statue, someone might just propose while I’m here.” Not two seconds later, this couple got engaged in front of a line of cheering spectators!

Love Park Surprise Engagemnt

Love Park Surprise Engagemnt

If in the coming months, you feel like your social media feeds are chock full of engagement announcements, you’re not wrong! WeddingWire conducted a survey of last year’s top ten most popular engagement dates, and all but one fall between mid-December and Valentine’s Day.

1. Christmas Day (12/25)
2. Valentine’s Day (2/14)
3. Christmas Eve (12/24)
4. New Year’s Day (1/1)
5. December 20th (Saturday Before Christmas)
6. December 13th (2 Saturdays Before Christmas)
7. New Year’s Eve (12/31)
8. December 19th (Friday Before Christmas)
9. December 23rd
10. Independence Day (7/4)
*Information based on 2015 WeddingWire new user survey

Most proposers are so worried about the perfect ring and the perfect timing, they don’t stop to think about capturing the once-in-a-lifetime moment. Luckily, the Love Park guy was prepared and had hired a photographer to secretly shoot the big event, and I know he must’ve been so happy he did when he saw the joy on his new fiancée’s face.

I love capturing surprise proposals, so if you or someone you know is planning to pop the question, contact me about how to set up the perfect surprise! It’s a moment you’ll want to remember forever and share with family and friends who aren’t able be there to witness it.

If you’re one of those newly engaged couples, congratulations! Please feel free to contact me about my wedding packages and how I can capture your wedding day!

Happy Engagement Season!

Stay tuned for my next Engagement Season post: Five tips on how to choose the perfect engagement ring – without ruining the surprise!